• Automatic Soap Dispensers

    A Wall-Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser is a fantastic choice for shared washrooms. Installing a Touchless Soap Dispenser shows that you’re looking after the comfort and convenience of visitors, customers or colleagues alike, as well as taking a responsible approach to public health.

    Our units are fitted with a motion sensor and are easy to install, use and maintain, and always dispense the perfect amount of soap for optimal hand hygiene.

  • Manual Soap Dispensers

    Looking after our hand hygiene is an important public health measure. Any organisation providing communal restrooms or kitchens should have soap on hand so that colleagues and visitors can clean up thoroughly and effectively.

    Refillable, Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser pumps provide a cheaper and more secure alternative to individual free-standing liquid soaps or bars. Our Manual Soap Dispensers are easy to install and maintain.


    Manual Soap Dispensers


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